Thursday, 4 October 2018

Desktop Motherboard Repairs

The desktop board is the carrying platform in the desktop, which is a faulty high-emitting component. We can now carry out professional maintenance for various brands of motherboards, mastering first-hand information, and the first-hand fault repair rate is over 90%.

☑ Common faults: no power, no power display, blue screen of death, malfunctions such as no network, no sound, other interfaces such as USB, SATA, etc.

☑Repair time: 1-3 business days

☑ Repair cost: 300-1200 yuan

After the motherboard fault is repaired, we provide a full range of tests, functions, and stability tests. The warranty is 30 days from the date of customer recovery.

At present, the high-end graphics card is a standard configuration of a high-end PC. The price is high and the repair technology is complicated. We can provide repair services for high-end graphics cards.

☑ Common faults: no display, flower screen, display of water ripples, etc.

☑Repair time: 3-7 working days

☑ Repair costs: from 300-800

The maintenance process of the graphics card is more complicated, and it is necessary to build a platform test that can be matched, which takes a long time. After repair, the same warranty is guaranteed for 1 month.

We have several engineers in the factory maintenance work experience. The system has passed ISO9000 series training and 5S\6S management system training of major factories (ASUS\MSI\FOXCONN\QUANTA), and has rich experience in batch motherboard maintenance and management experience. Can provide high quality and low cost motherboard maintenance outsourcing services for various brand motherboard manufacturers.

☑Maintenance method: transfer repair or factory maintenance

☑ Repair price: Negotiable

  All motherboards, graphics card manufacturers, dealers are welcome to contact, bulk outsourcing business contact number: 980-980-4040 Mr. Asif

Mobile Repairs

iPhone series models common fault repair: no boot, three no, black screen, touch failure, mobile phone water, fine repair broken, no SIM card, no WiFi, no Bluetooth, no charging, no sound, no message, no Recording, no vibration, HOME button failure, screen replacement, USB not recognized, no connection, unlimited recovery mode, unlimited DFU mode, white apple, etc.; system upgrade, flat brush, downgrade, jailbreak, unlock and other software problems.

Samsung series: fixed screen, CPU, font, no boot, no signal, no baseband, crash restart, screen change, shell replacement, mobile phone water inlet and other faults;
Huawei, Xiaomi OPPO, ViVO series: screen broken, cable broken, motherboard burnt, mobile phone water, touch screen failure , flower screen, speaker silent, handset no sound, USB can not be charged, boot fixed screen, no boot, etc., motherboard, Display, battery, WiFi, chip, communication board, earpiece, card slot, back cover, USB interface chip, buttons, camera, crystal oscillator, etc. can be replaced with original accessories!

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Laptop Repairs

Laptop can not be powered, can not start, often crash or irregular restart, boot screen, blue screen, black screen alarm and other faults, such faults generally occur in the CPU, memory, motherboard, radiator system, screen display system and other parts, Repair by directly replacing the damaged parts. Some parts that cannot be repaired should also be solved by replacement.
In addition to the notebook motherboard and other circuit boards can be repaired by replacing electronic components, the interface part, the display high voltage strip part, can also be repaired by replacing the device.
Customers who are suitable for quick repair requirements, quickly repaired by replacing parts according to the point of failure.
The cost of replacing the notebook motherboard is generally relatively high, and it is generally recommended that customers solve the problem through chip-level maintenance. Card-level maintenance often replaces parts: display, keyboard, screen axis, screen line, internal cable, housing, and so on.

Frequently appearing in laptops such as no power, no power on, power failure, blue screen of death, flower screen and other faults, usually caused by the notebook motherboard, the customer is not used properly, water, liquid, cooling system performance Will cause damage to the notebook motherboard.
The usual solution is to find the damaged electronic components through professional tools, such as diagnostic cards, oscilloscopes, multimeters, locate fault points, and replace them for repair. Chip-level maintenance can reduce maintenance costs without sacrificing service standards and notebook performance, saving computer maintenance costs to a large extent.

To carefully test the circuit, after the repair, a full range of system testing and copying is required, so the repair time usually takes 1-3 working days. The motherboard of the notebook computer has poor versatility, and the cost of replacing the motherboard is relatively high. Users who are not in urgent need to solve the problem through chip-level maintenance can save the most cost.

On-site, At Home Or Business

Our team of IT professionals can visit you and your device right at your home or office location, in case you prefer emergent diagnostics and repair service.

Tablet Repairs

ChipFix tablet repair is your number one choice when it comes to offering repair service for all of your smart devices. Our specialty in providing a wide range of repair services is what makes ChipFix standout amongst the crowd of repair services around you. Rest assured that we'll get your tablet up and running in no time. 

ChipFix repairs a variety of devices including Apple iPads, as well as iPhones and Samsung Phones. For each device, we can repair anything from cracked screens to broken home buttons to faulty charging ports. Tablet screen repair and replacement is no problem for our certified iTechs!

At ChipFix, we understand your schedule is already jam-packed and you don't have the time to waste when it comes to getting quality tablet repairs. That's why our technicians meet you at the location of your choosing, wherever and whenever it is convenient for you

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we work to ensure your device gets restored to its normal working condition as quickly as possible. Our iTechs can perform most tablet repairs in under an hour, including screen replacement, camera repair, and loudspeaker fixes. Oh, and did we mention our repairs come with a lifetime warranty?

To be able to offer quality service to our esteemed customers, all of our iTech experts are thoroughly trained for all types of tablet repair and undergo our certification program before servicing any devices. We conduct an extensive verification process for all of our iTech experts before letting them go to the field. We at iCracked are committed to only giving you the best in tablet repair services.

We guarantee that we take the shortest time possible when it comes to conducting tablet repairs. Our team of experts go to the field with a fully packed maintenance kit that guarantees job completion in no time.

Don't wait to get your tablet the love and care that it needs. Call iCracked and get your tablet back up and running fast.

Home computer service

Home network down? No Internet? Computer virus? Computer slow or not working? Need to set up a new PC or Mac?
All computer repairs are performed in the same day brought. We know you need your computer back fast and are committed to providing swift service. iPhone repairs take 20 – 30 minutes and iPad repairs take 1 – 3 hours.

PC / Mac Repair

We provide affordable computer repairs for PCs and Macs. Our award-winning technology support may be performed at your home and

All computer repairs are performed in the same day brought. We know you need your computer back fast and are committed to providing swift service. iPhone repairs take 20 – 30 minutes and iPad repairs take 1 – 3 hours.